Protecting your privacy on facebook

The fact that Facebook is now the most visited site on the internet, surpassing even the Google search engine for the number of daily visits,  is evidence of the overwhelming popularity of Facebook. Keeping this in mind, protecting your privacy on the site should be an ever growing concern for users. To the contrary however, while the site offers a robust array of privacy options,  a large number are either unaware of their existence or just choose to ignore them. An article in AllFacebook lists the top ten privacy options that every user should know.

“My mom is a teacher and one of the first things she asked me when she joined Facebook is how she could make sure her students couldn’t see that she was on the site. Understandably my mom doesn’t want her middle school students to know what she’s up to in her personal life. There are numerous reasons that individuals don’t want their information to show up in search results on Facebook, and it’s simple to turn off your public visibility”

Although there is a flipside to the coin. For some users keeping their public visibility on can be advantageous since Facebook pages often rank high in search engine results, and make you easier to be found. This could be very beneficial to an upcoming artist, for example, who could use the exposure.

“Facebook gets A TON of traffic from displaying user profiles in search engines. Not all of your profile is displayed though. Currently the information displayed in the search profile is limited to: your profile picture, a list of your friends, a link to add you as a friend, a link to send you a message, and a list of up to approximately 20 fan pages that you are a member of.

For some people, being displayed in the search engines is a great way to let people get in contact with you, especially if you don’t have an existing website. Facebook also tends to rank high in the search results, so if you want to be easy to find, making your search profile can be a great idea. Many people don’t want any of their information to be public though.”

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